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Summer Institute



In addition to year-round online course offerings, the E-Teacher Scholarship Program 2009-12 offered a face-to-face training event each year--the E-Teacher Professional Development Program ("Summer Institute" or "Professional Workshop")--on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

Summer 2010

Information is archived and available online for the Summer 2010 Institute.

Summer 2011

April 2011, the E-Teacher Advisory Board identified 26 participants to attend the Summer 2011 Institute, drawing from the pool of participants who had successfully completed online courses Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010 and Winter 2011. The dates for the 3-week institute were July 23 - August 13, 2011. Projects from participants are linked below.

Summer 2012

April 2012, the E-Teacher Advisory Board identiied 26 participants to attend the Summer 2012 Institute, drawing from the pool of participants who successfully completed online courses Spring 2011, Summer 2011, Fall 2011 and Winter 2012. E-Teacher and local Posts covered all travel and program-related expenses (there was no cost to candidates for this). Candidates for the summer workshop were selected on the basis of:


The dates for the Summer 2012 Institute will be: July 21 - August 11, 2012.

Summer 2011 Nominee First Name Nominee Last Name Country Summer 2011 Project Plans [PDF files]
Adriana Centurion Fumeaux Uruguay Disseminating ESP: A Workshop Series for EFL Teacher Trainers and Trainees in Uruguay
Ahmed Dakhissi  Morocco English Language Resource Center for EFL Secondary Moroccan Teachers
Aleksandra Sekulic Serbia Workshop Series on Testing and Assessment for EFL Teacher Trainers and Teachers in Serbia
Azhar Ahmed Egypt A Blended Training Program for EFL Secondary Teachers: Incorporating Wikis to Develop Students' Writing Skills
Bindu Bajwa India Integrating Critical Thinking Skills with Secondary Classroom Instruction
Caline Saad Lebanon Towards Democracy in College: Infusing Critical Thinking Skills into the English Curriculum in Lebanon
Daniel Ginting Indonesia Developing English Secondary School Teachers' Assessment Skill in Malang City through Academic Trainings and Networking
Elsa de Jesus Furtado Cape Verde Basic Principles of Project Based Learning (PBL) for EFL Classes in Cape Verde
Fatima Seerat Pakistan Teaching English as a Language Not as a Subject: A Training Program for Pakistani English Language Teachers
Fernando LayMaung Myanmar (Burma) Introducing Junior English Teachers to Best Practices in ESP
Fuyun Yang China Project–based Training for High School EFL Teachers
Jean-Baptiste Mohamadou Bassirou Sanfo Burkina Faso Workshop on Learning Styles and Strategies for EFL Teachers in Burkina Faso: Application for Large Classroom Management
Lan Nguyen Vietnam Improving Student Participation in Speaking Sessions for EFL teachers in Vietnam
Leticia Araceli Salas Serrano Mexico Incorporating Critical Thinking in Teacher Training Courses in Mexico
Lidia Maria Bomfim Brazil Improving EFL Teaching Skills and Competencies in Sao Paulo State Public Junior and High Schools
Maria Genova Bulgaria Developing an Assessment Policy for Schools in Bulgaria
Mohamed Hasan Bahrain Building Online Teaching Skills for Bahraini EFL Teachers
Muzeyyen Nazli Demirbas Turkey Professional Development for Teachers of Very Young Learners in Turkey
Nadwa Jazzan Syria Critical Thinking Strategies (CTS) for EFL Secondary School Teachers and Instructors in Syria
Nataliya Nayavko  Ukraine Teaching Listening and Speaking to Young Learners (TLSYL): Training Course for Ukrainian Teachers
Ndeye Bineta Mbodj Senegal Setting and Achieving Goals in ESP: Workshops for Senegalese In-service Junior and High School EFL Teacher Trainers
Perizat Abeldinova Kazakhstan Incorporating Interactive Web into Teaching English: A Workshop for English Teachers of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Kazakhstan
Rewai Makamani Namibia Teaching English for Academic and Professional Purposes: ESP Training Program for English Lecturers at the Polytechnic of Namibia
Rita Khatchig Jabarian Lebanon Creating Communication in the Young Learner English Classroom: Professional Development Workshop for English Teachers in Lebanon
Ruwandini Ranatunga Sri Lanka Empowering English Learners and Teachers With a Learner-Centered Approach
Victoria Ostankova Russia Differentiated Instruction in a Mixed-ability Classroom: A Workshop for Kamchatka In-service School Teachers
Nominated but not able to attend:      
Dhruba Lal Shresta Nepal  
Iranda Bajrami Macedonia  
Rawia Yusuf Yemen  
Runganayagie (Nalini) Reddy South Africa  
Thu Huong  Nguyen Vietnam  

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