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Summer Institute



In addition to year-round online course offerings, the E-Teacher Scholarship Program 2009-12 offered a face-to-face training event each year--the E-Teacher Professional Development Program ("Summer Institute" or "Professional Workshop")--on the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) campus in Baltimore, Maryland.

Summer 2010

Information is archived and available online for the Summer 2010 Institute.

Summer 2011

Information is archived and available online for the Summer 2011 Institute.

Summer 2012

April 2012, the E-Teacher Advisory Board identified 26 participants to attend the Summer 2012 Institute, drawing from the pool of participants who had successfully completed online courses Spring 2011, Summer 2011, Fall 2011 and Winter 2012. Candidates for the summer workshop were again selected on the basis of:


The dates for the 3-week institute were: July 21 - August 11, 2012. The list of participants follows.

First Name Last Name Country Summer 2012 Project Plans [PDF file uploads in process]
Ahmed Abdulhameed Abdulaziz Hosam Yemen Instruuctional Strategies for Teaching Reading: A Training Program for In-service English Language Teachers in Taiz City, Yemen
Andi Muhammad Yauri Indonesia Incorporating Web 2.0 Tools in Learning English, A Workshop for EFL High School Teachers in Watampone
Aruna Gobin Beedassy Mauritius Incorporating Critical Thinking Skills and Strategies to Increase Learner Interaction in a Mauritian State Secondary School
Asima Ali Pakistan Teaching High School Graduates English for the Study of Physical Sciences: A Model for Teachers in Pakistan
Chaouki M'kaddem Tunisia Workshops on Effective Lesson Planning for Tunisian Primary and Middle School Teachers
Fabricio Enrique Rivas Marmanillo Peru Teacher Training in English for Specific Purposes at ICPNA Cusco
Firmin Kouakou N'dri Cote D'Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
Workshop for Scaffolding Ivorian Teachers into Chartering and Implementing Best Assessment Practices for Effective Language Learning Enhancement
Freddy Javier Ruiz Cauro Venezuela Teaching Reading and Writing: Developing EFL Adult Learners’ Metacognitive Strategies
Ganga Laxmi Bhandari Nepal Developing Critical Thinking Skills among School Teachers of English in Nepal
Hicham Mahda Morocco Workshop on Effective Classroom Management for Moroccan High-school EFL Teachers
Hiroko Sakaguchi Japan Workshops on Project-Based Learning for EFL Teachers in Japan
Jose Antonio da Silva Brazil Creating and Sharing Resources for the Kindle E-Reader: Online Training for English Access Microscholarship Program Teachers
Katherin del Carmen Rodriquez Montero Panama Workshop on Innovative Teaching Strategies and Techniques for Elementary and High School English Teachers in the Panamanian Educational System
Marina Nicanor Ambrosi Moldova Socratic Questioning in the EFL curriculum for Young Learners and Very Young Learners: Training and Online Community Building for In-service Teachers in Moldova
Richard Niyibigira Rwanda Technology-Based Language Teaching in Higher Education: An Innovative Approach for English Language Teaching in Rwanda
Shanti Subramaniam Malaysia Towards School-based Assessment: Assist Teachers in Assessment (ATIA) for Secondary School Teachers in the District of Klang, Selangor, Malaysia Shanti Subramaniam, Malaysia
Tatiana Shilenkova Russia Incorporating Technology into EFL Teaching: Promoting English Outside of the Classroom, A Workshop for Teachers of Colleges of St. Petersburg
Ulkar Ibrahimova Azerbaijan To Fail or Not to Fail the Students? The Importance of EFL Assessment in Higher Education in Azerbaijan
Umit Cebeci Turkey Training EFL Teachers in Effective Assessment of Young Learners
Valiantsina Holubeva Belarus Creating An Internet Database For Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication: Online Training In Webskills For EFL Teachers
Vandana Lunyal India Sharing Best Practices in ESP: A Blended Training Program for Functional English College Lecturers of Chandigarh, India
Vera Savic Serbia Primary School Teacher Training in Theme-Based Instruction
Viktoriya Demidova Uzbekistan Course on Teaching English to Young Learners for Pre-Service and In-Service ESL Teachers in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Xiaoqing Yang China An IELTS Course Development Project for EFL Teachers in China
Zun Phyu Chit Saw Burma (Myanmar) Professional Development Workshop on innovative Technology Tools to Enhance Language Practices for Primary School English Teachers in Myanmar

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